I hate to always criticise other people’s work, but Planet is a piece of crap. I tried it on my favourite blogs to fire up and besides not working on Atom feeds as it should it completely died on another feed and had encoding issues. I tried to fix it, but it appears as if the feed reader library they are using is far too old (they are using 2.2 something, 4.0-pre is the curernt version) and it is Python and I can’t do Python.

PerlPlanet to the rescue. Because there was no other implementation of a Planet like thing and I thought it couldn’t be that hard, I wrote a replacement myself. PerlPlanet can do everything except the Hackergotchi feature while staying compatible with Planets own templates and configuration files. Turns out it is even 500 lines less, though you have to install quite a bunch of Modules, but you should be used to that by now.

Get it here.

P.S.: WordPress 2.0 Beta rocks…

2 thoughts on “PerlPlanet

  1. Planet seems to be a piece of crap indeed; I’m a quite regular reader of, but I always have to check out the web site, as Firefox (which is my preferred feedreader these days) doesn’t accept the feed it generates – and I’m pretty sure the problems rather lies within Planet than within Firefox.

    Hope that PerlPlanet is doing a better job generating feeds, and if that is the case, will be switched to it… 😉


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