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Well, because Mark (the original author of Kflickr) is a little bit out of time at the moment and has a rather conservative patch policy and because I have done quite a lot of stuff in the last week on Kflickr, I decided to make this patchset public, keep it in sync with Mark’s tree and see what will happen.

So, Kflickr MT was born. In it’s current incarnation mt2 it is nearly feature complete (in context of an uploading only application), meaning that it can do photo sets and groups, photo licenses, photo rotation, bigger previews and “tags with spaces”. A couple of fixes are in there, too, plus one CVS fix from Mark for UTF8, which made it impossible to set tags containing German umlauts.

This way I hope to get some feedback and bug reports to have some better arguments for Mark to merge the stuff (and that it is actually usefull).

Here you go:

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