What are you supposed to do at the day before an exam? Right, do something relaxing. So I played with one of my favourite new technologies … in the line of udev and d-bus there is now inotify, which will be wide available with the upcoming Linux 2.6.13. It is a replacement for dnotify and is used to make it more efficient for your system to find changed files, e.g. in Konqueror update the view when you have created a new file via the command line.
To use this feature today, you need to get the patches from John McCutchan and integrate it into your Kernel (mine is, because I stopped using the development kernels). Unfortunately, gamin, which is the program that notifies other Desktop applications of file changes is build without the inotify backend in Debian. So, you have to do an apt-get source gamin and change the debia/rules file from –disable-inotify to –enable-inotify. As KDE is linked agains libgamin, this change has an immideate effekt after rebuilding and installing gamin and rebuilding and installing the kernel.
Nifty, real time file system changes in Konqui.
(Unfortunately there have been some API changes in the inotify version which is in 2.6.13-rc3 which are reflected in the newest gamin 0.1.2 which is not in Debian yet, this might lead to a strange combination, but atm it works like a charm with the above mentioned combination and gamin 0.1.1).