Well, I’ve been looking for something to create the graphics for my bachelor thesis, which are mostly some diagrams showing syntax trees. I’ve used Kivio 1.3 for the initial version, but unfortunately it had the bug that it lost some of the connectors from time to time.
Today I upgraded to Kivio 1.4 beta (I’m still hoping that KOffice 1.4 will be released before I release my thesis) which unfortunately had the problem that it couldn’t load some of the files. I reported the bug and it was fixed only 2 hours after I reported it … so here’s to you, KOffice guys.

In other news everything is working out somehow, I think that I might be able to finish the draft version of my bachelor this week, all exams that I’m still having to do are scheduled for July, so this works out as well and I might be finished with all this stuff by end of July. Sounds reasonable to me. But maybe Google is going to destroy the free August project, which wouldn’t be that bad because it involves 4500 $. And I’m going to the first European O’Reilly Open Source Conference (EURO OSCON) in October …. as a speaker.