Short live Sarge!

Ok, finally the Debian Project released Debian 3.1 codename “Sarge”. After 3 years of development *sigh*. This is the main problem, as a desktop distro, Sarge is far to old by now (no KDE 3.4, no to name two of the prominent members). Well, what to do? What about getting the whole distro up to GCC 4.0 whilst keeping it as stable as possible, update your userland (like KDE, and release again, maybe in half a year, in the beginning of 2006. I know that this won’t be that easy, but a more strict release plan, plus some small targets and a release date in the near future might keep the people on track. This would be the best way to get out of the the release cycle misery. Short live Sarge… Etch on the horizon!

In other news, Apple switches to Intel CPUs which makes it totally unattractive for me. Why? Because I never was really that keen on switching to Mac OS X. It might be nice a shiny, but I now the flavor of Unix I like and it would run on Power. So it wouldn’t have been that long before I had at least dual booted. As someone grown up on i386 and mostly Intel chips, it was the different architecture which was Apples main point. We’ll see, but I think that playing in MS country (and Desktop PCs on Intel hardware are MS country) might be quite dangerous as well. And loosing a part of the techy users even more.