Summer of work

Not as if I’m busy enough. Besides my rather new hobbies swimming (a month now, regularly (as in every day)) and jogging (a week now,I have to see how this goes), I applied to do my Bachelor’s yesterday, which means 3 month of even more work (the implementation is mostly ready, the writing is what scares me like hell) and quite a lot of work end of July and in August. Furthermore, I have to do 3 regular exams in July plus two additional ones, one in June and one I don’t know when yet because I didn’t do them before I went to Canada last year. As if this isn’t enough, I’m going to Vienna next week (yuppi… first conference this year) to give my FIFFS talk, which I also handed in for Euro OSCON (which is in October, so it is not part of my summer of work).
Well, enter Google, their Summer of Code Project is a really nice idea. I mean, 4500 $ for doing what I’m doing anyway (or in this case wanted to do) sounds great to me… and who needs sleep anyway. The money would be a nice PowerBook and a good holiday I guess. Therefore I applied with some FIFFS related stuff …. we’ll see. Hope they won’t find out that this is actually a replacement for Google News :-).
So I think I’ll spend the time till end of August working, studying and coding… fun 🙂