Obvious things

Why is it that some obvious things which are quite handy just aren’t there. For example, today I needed something to merge a couple of vCalendar files (the format Apples iCal uses and which is specified in RFC 2445) into one file. This is because I somehow can’t cope with KDE’s Kitchensync framework and there are no Debian packages for the Bluetooth syncronisation plugin. Thus I use Multisync but this just syncronises to GNOME apps and I use KDE. I have to use the backup plugin, which writes a file (without an appropriate ending) for each calendar entry. As KOrganizer (and I guess Kronolith as well) like to have a single file to import with an ending I needed to merge them… but there isn’t really anything out there. No real Perl Modules to do the job and only one Python script. As I don’t do Python ( 😉 ), I rewrote the Quick-N-Dirty vCal merger in Perl which can now be found on my Perl page.