Vienna? Vienna!

As my talk has been accepted, I’m going to go to the Austrian Perl Workshop 2005 in the beginning of June, exactly from Wednesday the 8th (arriving at 8:00pm) to Saturday the 10th (leaving around 4:20 pm). Fotunately, it seems as if Domm has a place for me to stay, so I can minimize my costs, because I’m quite out of money at the moment and the flight was f****n expensive.

The only sad thing about it is that this is the last Perl conference this year, because I’m going to miss YAPC::EU (just can’t make it) and YAPC::NA, though it is in one of my favourite cities… Toronto. The only other conference I still can imagine this year is OSCON Europe…. mmm… wait … I got this FIFFS talk…. 😉