Amsterdam? Talks? Birthday!

Well … as I said in my previous posting, OSCON::EU is in October, so why not try to hand in my FIFFS talk (which is German, but why not translate it). Maybe this works as well, so I just did exactly this.

Another thing is the schedule for Thursday, which happens to be my 23rd birthday tada. I actually got no time for my birthday :-). Lets start with Wednesday (which happens to be tomorrow, ow my gowd). My brother got me a ticket for Revenge of the Sith in the Cinelux in Siegburg, which starts around 8:15 pm. So I’ll spend the greater half of my birthdays-eve in a cinema. If you want to have a beer with me afterwards, I unfortunately have to tell you that I’m in Siegburg, but you can get away from there IIRC till close to 2 am. If you want to conact me, see my contact page for details. On Thursday I have to go to university becaue I need to do some paperwork and will be out for lunch with my dad (maybe for Sushi, don’t know yet) and my siblings. In the late afternoon, Wbx gives his “Sicheres Wireless LAN im Hochschulumfeld” (Secure Wireless LAN in a university environment) in auditorium 4 in our university which I’m not going to miss. In the evening there is a Luusa meeting, beginning around 7pm. There will be a talk, so if youre not interested in BOSS – BSI OSS Security Suite you have to arrive around 8:30pm in the Netzladen to have a beer with me. Unfortunately, there is really no time or place for a party this year, so you either come on thursday or you just ignore my birthday (as I would do, if people let me).