Debian Madness

This is a typical Debian Situation:
A person writes something about his work and stuff he is proud of in his blog, people complain because they see it as advertising and the person gets removed from Planet Debian.
What is a little strange about is that this person was Ian Murdock himself, blogging about his work at Progeny. Come on… show a little respect and loyality.
Ian Murdoch wasn’t that upset about it, he just called it “So, I was unwittingly at the center of a little controversy at Planet Debian yesterday.”

Why can’t the Debian People be a little more tolerant? Why are Free Software people in general quite intolerant of other technologies, operating systems, software development and business models? Actually, don’t we try to just bring freedom to the people? This is a litte bit like the catholic church trying to bring the true faith to people in the middle ages. The Ubuntu approach, “humanity to others” is better than the general Debian approach. For the Debian People, they should maybe think of something that is really a “social contract” and not something just about “free software rights”.