A common misconception

A common misconception is that people think it rains more often in England than it does in Germany. This is simply not true. I lived in England for about 10 weeks and didn’t own an umbrella. If it rained, it rained at times when I didn’t have to leave my home/office and it usually just rained for a couple of minutes.
I am back now for about 6 weeks and I managed to get soaked wet on my way from/to university twice (a 8 minutes walk) and I had to use an umbrella twice (the other two times there was none around, a problem which usually occurs when you are the last person to leave the house in the morning an the number of umbrellas is smaller than the people living in the same house). If it rains in Germany, it usually rains for hours or whole days. So I believe in regards to rain, Sank Augustin is worse than London.