I must admit that I’m a little bit without a fixed target regarding my jobs to come. I’m certainly a developer, but I don’t want to stay this all my life, so there has to be some perspective to look forward to. This job Novell offers doesn’t sound that bad, maybe I’m missing some of the qualifications, but in 5 to 10 years… why not.

Amsterdam? Talks? Birthday!

Well … as I said in my previous posting, OSCON::EU is in October, so why not try to hand in my FIFFS talk (which is German, but why not translate it). Maybe this works as well, so I just did exactly this.

Another thing is the schedule for Thursday, which happens to be my 23rd birthday tada. I actually got no time for my birthday :-). Lets start with Wednesday (which happens to be tomorrow, ow my gowd). My brother got me a ticket for Revenge of the Sith in the Cinelux in Siegburg, which starts around 8:15 pm. So I’ll spend the greater half of my birthdays-eve in a cinema. If you want to have a beer with me afterwards, I unfortunately have to tell you that I’m in Siegburg, but you can get away from there IIRC till close to 2 am. If you want to conact me, see my contact page for details. On Thursday I have to go to university becaue I need to do some paperwork and will be out for lunch with my dad (maybe for Sushi, don’t know yet) and my siblings. In the late afternoon, Wbx gives his “Sicheres Wireless LAN im Hochschulumfeld” (Secure Wireless LAN in a university environment) in auditorium 4 in our university which I’m not going to miss. In the evening there is a Luusa meeting, beginning around 7pm. There will be a talk, so if youre not interested in BOSS – BSI OSS Security Suite you have to arrive around 8:30pm in the Netzladen to have a beer with me. Unfortunately, there is really no time or place for a party this year, so you either come on thursday or you just ignore my birthday (as I would do, if people let me).

Vienna? Vienna!

As my talk has been accepted, I’m going to go to the Austrian Perl Workshop 2005 in the beginning of June, exactly from Wednesday the 8th (arriving at 8:00pm) to Saturday the 10th (leaving around 4:20 pm). Fotunately, it seems as if Domm has a place for me to stay, so I can minimize my costs, because I’m quite out of money at the moment and the flight was f****n expensive.

The only sad thing about it is that this is the last Perl conference this year, because I’m going to miss YAPC::EU (just can’t make it) and YAPC::NA, though it is in one of my favourite cities… Toronto. The only other conference I still can imagine this year is OSCON Europe…. mmm… wait … I got this FIFFS talk…. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I like my good connections to my ISP :-). Besides porting my Bachelor Thesis to OpenBSD on Sparc64 (hey, they wanted it to be portable) I continued playing with IPv6.

What I learned today:
Windows hosts need
netsh int ipv6 set privacy disabled
in order to stop changing their IPs all the time. Windows XP seems to defaulty bind and open 135 on IPv6 addresses, they seem to be learning resistant. Anyway, that is the reason ip6tables exists. Furthermore I got now these cool adresses which even do reverse lookup. I love owning my own IP addresses.


Well, I’m still some kind of ill, I started coughing today but I hope that I’ll be better tomorrow.

I spend most of the day resurrecting all the Sixxs stuff I started last year while watching the 21C3 videos from

I registered a couple of hostnames for my machines, my desktop is now reachable as and my notebook is reachable as or depending on the connection type. The only thing that was a little bit tricky to set up was making proftpd listening to the ipv6 interface.

The only annoying thing about this is that I got all this new IPv6 connectivity and don’t know what it’s good for ๐Ÿ™‚

New Toys

So, now I got my new ASUS WL500G Deluxe running OpenWRT. I needed some time to get it working like I wanted it (around a day) but now it works perfectly and I love it for the exact reasons I bought it: flexibility and freedom. All services I need are running and the logging facilities are quite impressive. I really like it.
Unfortunately I got struck by a cold two day ago, which really annoys me because I can’t go swimming and I can’t think which is even worse, because there is so much real work to do. Anyway, maybe this is my body telling me to reduce load… I don’t know… I’m going back to bed… can’t think….