Ok, there are three major projects I want to spend some money on in the next month, namely:

New Router
Everybody at our University is currently playing with OpenWRT, which is basically a Linux for some router models. Wbx is doing some work on it, so I will get the best support ever available. I’d like to have a ASUS WL-500g Deluxe Router, because it got two USB 2.0 ports which can be used to add usefull stuff to the router. The idea of ssh-ing into my router is another thing I really like. And it is of course a thousand times better than any black box solution where I can’t see what is happening. Firmware updates won’t be a problem for the next 100 years. Freedom!

There are two things that currently annoy my a littele bit about my storage system (which are basically the two harddisks of my workstation PC). First is that one of the partitions is far too full and I need more space. Second is that I have no way of making a backup of 90 GB of data. Third is that my main disk in this machine makes strange sounds (it’s been doing this for a couple of years now, but you can’t always be lucky. And I do know that this is the third of two reasons 🙂 ) Anyway, I want something redundant and inexpensive. As those two words are the R and I in RAID, I want something like this, external, USB. Something like this external case and two of those disks sound pretty reasonable. But why in hell is the case that expensive? I can get a case for a whole PC which is cheaper… maybe I have to look for something which is not out of aluminium. Anyway, as I said, I want to put a RAID 1 on it, in order to have a max of redundancy and then I will have 200 GB of relatively failsave space. Furthermore, does OpenWRT do software RAID stuff? 😉

I know, there is no real use case for a scanner, but there are so many occasions where I think that I really need one and it is another piece of hardware to play with. A Epson Perfect. 2480 Photo seems to be a pretty reasonable choice, because it seems to have relativley good SANE support.

As I’m not rich I’ll have to buy these things one after another in the order shown here… did I mention that it is my birthday in a month from now 😉 (just kidding, really!)

3 thoughts on “Toys4Boys

  1. Speichelnd über die Tastatur gekrümmt habe ich mal nach dem von Dir erwähnten ASUS WL-500g Router geguckt. Absolute Trauer! Der WL-500g hat nur EINEN USB-Port. Und der ist auch noch 1.1 statt 2.0. Und dann entdeckte ich den WL-500gd(eluxe)! Alter Schwede, den will ich auch!


  2. OpenWrt is linux 2.4.30 based. Theoretically you can use software raid :}
    But you need to compile your own kernel and firmware. But the buildsystem is really simple to use.

    Today experimental cvs is open for everyone!


  3. Faellt dieser Kommentar unter die Kategorie ‘wer lesen kann ist klar im Vorteil’? Weil in meinem Artikel steht eindeutig Deluxe und er ist auch auf einen Delux verlinkt…. Pisa halt.


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