Habemus Papam

Unfortunately, the catholic church today elected the one I wanted to be the last to become pope to be Benedikt XVI.

What happened to the spirit which made a Polish Bishop Pope in the middle of the cold war?

I’m really disapointed!

Anyway, God knows, and Ratzinger is already 78. If this doesn’t work out, there are other christian churches around.


3 thoughts on “Habemus Papam

  1. Hello Marcus,

    imho, you’re a bit too harsh and too early in your judgement about the new Pope Benedict XVI.
    Why not wait a few months – or even a year – to see what’s happening?

    …And admittedly, I don’t find it very nice of you to (already) wish him not become old(er), even before we have seen his actions in his pontificate.

    just my 2 cents;
    regards, Thomas


  2. Hi Marcus,

    I must say initially I reacted the same way as you, but I was also positively surprised about the first moves and talks Benedict made. Maybe there is a meaning behind changing the name, suggesting that he now is not the same person anymore. We should wait and see. As a person I find him more interesting than I would have thought.




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