Remote Talks

On Thursday I gave my talk about FIFFS (BTW the slides are here). Leh was so kind to provide me with a remote control solution for my mobile, so this was the fist time I was able to walk around while talking. Quite funny. The problem about his solution is that it is written in Python and uses an external xautomation tool to send the events. As I don’t know any Python and I didn’t want to bother him again for my amaroK remote control for my home PC I used a different approach. Richard Dice’s excellent Device::Ericsson::AccessoryMenu makes it quite easy to generate menus in the accessory sub menu of my Sony Ericsson K700i, DCOP does the rest. is still quite hard to get (at least in Debian) because it is the only source only package I know of (means you have to do apt-get source kdebindings) and you have to build the module yourself (cd dcopperl; perl Makefile.PL; make; sudo make install; but be aware that the default directories the makefile profides are wrong. In Debian all includes are under /usr/include/$lib and the libs are always in /usr/lib). The result of a small one hour session is now a quite easy way to remotely control amarok in less than 100 lines of Perl: