DRM… sucker

Ok, I got my new mobile. It’s nice and shiny, can do a lot of stuff and you can even place a call with it. But it has the problem that it is a Vodafone K700i. Because Vodafone decided to mod the mobile and not allowing it to use MP3 files (which it can play without any problems) as ringtones. They have to be signed somehow in order to be allowed to as ringtones. I guess that is due to the fact that everyone by now is able to take his favourite song and turn it into a MP3 and then upload it to his phone with a default Windows installation. And they desperately need to sell ringtones and stuff like that, because that’s more or less the only way to generate some profit in regards of 3G stuff. I wonder if I can go directly to Sony Ericsson and tell them that the phone is broken and they’ll give me a default one?
Anyway, it’s not enough for me to return the phone because I don’t care about ringtones so much and it still can play midi files (it is even able to render SVG animation, unfortunately not the ones I created (standard?)). Another thing that annoys me is that thought this phone comes with 41 MB of memory it has a number of pre-installed stuff on it that you simply can not remove. I guess my next mobile will definetly be something I can run Linux on…
What I didn’t try yet is syncing, because the only kde-bluetooth packages I was able to find did not contain the syncing plugin. What I did try is KMobileTool which is quite nice, though it can not display my Textmessages and does not (yet) support editing the phonebook.
What you can’t do and what sucks even more is copying anything out of the music folder at least not via bluetooth. I hate it if something cuts into my freedom for profit.
I created a page in my wiki to collect stuff I find and do with it.

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