Bluetooth, USB and Rock and Roll

In order to have a way to talk to my new mobile (I know, some people actually use mobiles to talk to other people, but I usually prefer typing to calling) I bought a USB Bluetooth dongle yesterday. It’s more or less a no name device by Trust, called “BT180 class 1 USB Bluetooth Adapter”. As I had disabled the whole Bluetooth subsystem in my kernel I had to rebuild it, but despite of that the installation was rather painless. I installed bluez-utils to have some userspace tools and kdebluetooth to have KDE support and it worked actually more or less out of the box (though I didn’t see anything that told me that the device was recognized). Well, now I can use the whole power of bluetooth from both PCs if I’d buy a second dongle, but I still don’t know wheather or not I’ll do so.
The other things I bought yesterday were two USB 2.0 Hubs, because I ran out of ports. They’re quite cheap, just a tenner, and they work quite well as well. So I can stop to get under my tesk everytime I need to add a device.
Finally, I ordered my mobile. I actually wanted to get it in person, but the guy in the shop told me to “first pay your bills”, because my account was marked as disabled because of my lost SIM card. We’ll this was on the one hand really unfriendly, on the other hand the guy where I actually canceled my card had told me that I can get a new mobile. Well, anyway, to avoid further hazle, I just ordered it now. I’m not that keen on it anyway (despite of being my only bluetooth device that I could use for playing).