Switching languages

After I made my way safely back home, I now will switch the language of this blog to English. The main reason is that up until now, this blog was more for keeping my friends and family up to date of my every day life while staying abroad. Now, it will be more for informational purposes and even more about my computer geeky life and it somehow make sense to do it in English.
So, whats new? I’m going to get a new mobile, because my service provider will give me a new one for free or a small fee. I think I’m going for a Sony Ericson K700i, because a) I don’t want a Nokia (the last one I got had really faulty software and it died as I started copying my phone book backup back on it, which was about the first thing I did and that really annoyed me, because I had to go to a service shop to reinstall the OS) b) it has everything I need. I don’t know where the point is in being able to play MP3s if you only have about 40MB of space, but it still sounds like a nifty feature. The only thing that bugs me is that I have to buy stuff I really don’t need, like the low res digital camera in it. But it looks as if I don’t really have a choice.
That is one of the many things I have to do tomorrow. The other things is going to my bank and change money and complain about a stupid internet flat sharing site that booked money three times from my credit card. And I have to go to university tomorrow as well and will have to get up early. Well, anyway, I’m going to survive it.