DCOP.pm grrrrr

Ok, I'm in a really bad mood right now.
What I wanted to do:
Get a list of all X apps (executable names, window tiles, somthing like that) running on my current virtual desktop.
What I did:
First fatal error was that I figured my Window Manager might now. KWin :-(. So I thought ask him, using DCOP.
I needed about an hour to find out that:
1. DCOP.pm is nearly nowhere linked
2. Debian has source only packages (aka kdebinding)
3. DCOP.pm just lifes in KDE CVS and in this packages, nowhere else.
Then I started to hack and….
Maybe I'm too stupid, maybe today is not the day to Google, I don't know. But I couln't find any usefull DCOP examples which where longer than 5 lines and didn't open a window in Konqueror. KWin apperently has no DCOP function for giveMeWindowList and there is no easy (or google findable) way to call the task manager applet, though it knows, cause it show them.

So I'm out of this… hating my desktop environment.


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