Not enough time

Oh my god.

I survived the German Perl Workshop, mostly with writing a drop in replacement for TipiWiki because I use it but didn't want to hack some authentication stuff into a PHP script.

I spend the rest of the time having really much fun with all the interesting people there and listening to plenty of good talks. Most of them where better than mine. Note to myself: next time use images and more time to prepare the talk. Jos and Autrijus did a lot of coding on CPANPLUS, so my Curses Shell will be really broken with the next release. This leads to my biggest problem: I just don't have enough time

Ok, today are the finals of the European Football Championships, tomorrow we visit a strange place with our BioMed class. BTW, I'll do some exams in about two weeks, therefore I should actually spend some time on doing stuff for that.

Far more important than that is to rewrite CPANPLUS::Shell::Curses to use the new backend and finish up JZuul till the exams.

As I said, there is just not enough time. BTW, I'll leave for Toronto at 24. of August


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