DTD to …. whatever

Sometimes it's quite hard to get some information and/or usefull free software out there.

I've been spending about an hour now to find something to generate

a) a usefull tree view out of a DTD file.

b) something that generates input forms (or something like that) out of a DTD file.

I found nothing appropriate! The only thing I found for a) is called Matra and creates ASCII trees! And it doesn't resolve multiple elements that point to the same subelement. Not that nice.

b) is even more pain. I expected some nice piece of software that I can feed a DTD file and that creates at least some nice GUI style input wizards or active html pages in whatever language but I found plain nothing! It's all there in the DTD file, why write your own software to create valid XML from that def?

The internet is to small and there are not enough free software people out there to serve my needs 🙂