How to burn 21 days in Java

Do you know these projects that start for fun and just get out of control? (Ask Larry or Linus)

We're doing this software enginering class in university and our teacher gave us this nice example of bad coding called “Zuul”. It's so fun just coding on it. It's some kind of text adventure engine and written in Java.I burned about two man weeks on it by now and now we got NPCs, Items and a Dialog system. All described in XML of course. It's real fun but I don't think I'm doing something usefull. Just for fun….

We GPLed it (as we rewrote 99,999% of it) and it's now a real free software project:

I'll come back to you when it has become an OS. ๐Ÿ™‚

Testing Parrot

Ok, my friend call me mad actually, but it's like collecting stamps: collection Parrot test. A friend of mine has a rather good collection of strange platforms and I like trying to get Parrot compile.

It is a little bit hard at the moment, because libicu is not that friendly to other systems, but it works somehow.

I didn't integrate my stats into the usual Parrot Tinderbox System because I don't really do cron tests, but I gut a nice stat page at

P.S.: My friends keep asking me when I get a T-Shirt for my efforts. Is there a number of tests you must run before you get awarded? ๐Ÿ™‚