Annoying things

After having a looong day in university (most time spent thinking about what to do with the script I wrote once to check changes on websites in a statistical manner) I finally got home and lost the motivation to actually do anything with it.

Another annoying thing is that I again spent an hour to find a way to turn my local debian installation into a fine set of installation CDs. I still didn't find anything and fear that I got to write something myself. It doesn't sound that hard, because all you have to do is take all the packages installed, download them via apt-get, somehow fit them into a directory structure convenient for a installation CD, add an installer (there is actually more than one way to install debian, we got d-i (debian-installer), a port of RedHat's Anaconda installer to debian, the old way and I guess some more) and create ISOs. The problem is that I seem to be the only person on this planet who want's to do that instead of taking woody cd's to a friend, telling him that after installation he's got all “old” software, then to edit his apt sources and do a upgrade to unstable. This is bandwith consuming and needs time for conviction (“Why should I use something called “unstable”?”).

There is much Perl in the Debian installing routines and apt-get, but I don't actually want to get started, because it sounds time consuming and I need to study for my next exams in February, I fear maths.

I finally got geekish, ordering my first set of T-Shirts and ThinkGeek. This will even more outlaw me, but some friend of mine told me that the binary people shirt is actually I fine way to get to know people (female) on a party. Hope they don't need to long to ship them over to germany :-).