Survived Holidays

Having two weeks of Christmas holidays can be a tough thing. I thought I'd find time to do some work on Curses::UI and on a talk I'll give next Thursday, but my Family, Friends and heavy drinking consumed so much time that I was unable to do either stuff.

The last year ended quite easy for me, so it's time to schedule 04. I'm not quite sure what I want to do, but going back to T.O. (it's Toronto, Ontario for the unaware) is my first goal. Maybe in summer. Anyway, I'd like to join YAPC::EU, but as no date is set yet and YAPC::NA is quite early this year I fear to be on the wrong continent when either of both is held. But I'll survive this too.

German Perl Workshop is a big time problem, too, but I'll manage that. Maybe I'll give a talk, as they've not decided anything but the date till now. This depends on how my talk next week (about regular expressions) will be judged by the audience. We'll see. This talk is nonexistent, so I'll start creating some transparencies now.