We got snow! Actually quite a lot of it. Public transport is down and we got more than 40 traffic jams in the region. I like the way the modern human controlls nature.

Good that I walk to my university 🙂

I'm going to London

After all my plans seem to work somehow. I can do my internship at Fotango, which will be great. This keeps me from getting to far off home this summer. And I'm now on the speaker proposal list for the German Perl Workshop, what makes me really happy :-). The only thing I have to finish is my application for my scholarship for Toronto and this will be a joyfull travelling year. Juchuuu!!!

Planning a year

Anonther week is over and I'm getting a small overview how my year might look like.
There are currently two chances to get out of germany. I got to do an internship beginning July, 19th and I'm applying for a scholarship to get to Toronto for the winter term.

But getting a job for my internship in Toronto is harder than I thought. What I actually thought would be the best idea was mailing to the mailing list and ask for help. The only two answers I got was one offering me to ask for a job in his company and another who told me that it is quite hard to find a job in IT in Canada even for locals. Quite promising. One of the professors of our university is also teaching at YorkU in T.O. but to depend on him in important matters is quite… not a good idea. The other problem is that I'd miss YAPC::EU, because I'd be in Toronto (and thus missing nearly every conference this year).

As I don't have many options, because my language knowledge is limited to German and English (and Perl ;-), and Latin, but getting into Vatican is a no-op.) I got only one place to go to, Great Britain. But I'm not quite sure if that's what I want. I'll think that over and maybe ask for help.

The next problem I have is just plain room for living, as I know that there is a college in Toronto where I could stay but I've no experience with England (I've actually never been there).

Tricky situation.

I finished my new CV today, because when I'm going to apply for a job I'll need it, in either country. So I was quite productive. And I got to start to study a little bit, because I'm going to write exams in the first two weeks of February and I still have no clue about Maths.

We'll see, we'll see. Maybe I'll just contact the professor a second time to ask I've he'd provide me with the information I need, give him a deadline and otherwise look for a job in U.K..

Annoying things

After having a looong day in university (most time spent thinking about what to do with the script I wrote once to check changes on websites in a statistical manner) I finally got home and lost the motivation to actually do anything with it.

Another annoying thing is that I again spent an hour to find a way to turn my local debian installation into a fine set of installation CDs. I still didn't find anything and fear that I got to write something myself. It doesn't sound that hard, because all you have to do is take all the packages installed, download them via apt-get, somehow fit them into a directory structure convenient for a installation CD, add an installer (there is actually more than one way to install debian, we got d-i (debian-installer), a port of RedHat's Anaconda installer to debian, the old way and I guess some more) and create ISOs. The problem is that I seem to be the only person on this planet who want's to do that instead of taking woody cd's to a friend, telling him that after installation he's got all “old” software, then to edit his apt sources and do a upgrade to unstable. This is bandwith consuming and needs time for conviction (“Why should I use something called “unstable”?”).

There is much Perl in the Debian installing routines and apt-get, but I don't actually want to get started, because it sounds time consuming and I need to study for my next exams in February, I fear maths.

I finally got geekish, ordering my first set of T-Shirts and ThinkGeek. This will even more outlaw me, but some friend of mine told me that the binary people shirt is actually I fine way to get to know people (female) on a party. Hope they don't need to long to ship them over to germany :-).

Survived first day

Today my university decided to steal again some of my valuable time. It is actually far more brutal than stealing, as I'm quite bored most of the time, at least on Mondays.

Tomorrow does not promise more, but I need to get some sleep. And I have to finish my regex talk till Thursday and that is getting much more a problem as I thought cause I can't really think of what to strip out in order not to bore my audience to death (all none perl guys with different skills in programming, quite hard).

By the way, there is a quite interesting incident this Saturday. The epoch will wrap around to 1000….

$ date -u -d “Sat Jan 10 13:37:04 2004” +%s

$ bc -iq

Are we running into a big problem in 30 years?!?

Survived Holidays

Having two weeks of Christmas holidays can be a tough thing. I thought I'd find time to do some work on Curses::UI and on a talk I'll give next Thursday, but my Family, Friends and heavy drinking consumed so much time that I was unable to do either stuff.

The last year ended quite easy for me, so it's time to schedule 04. I'm not quite sure what I want to do, but going back to T.O. (it's Toronto, Ontario for the unaware) is my first goal. Maybe in summer. Anyway, I'd like to join YAPC::EU, but as no date is set yet and YAPC::NA is quite early this year I fear to be on the wrong continent when either of both is held. But I'll survive this too.

German Perl Workshop is a big time problem, too, but I'll manage that. Maybe I'll give a talk, as they've not decided anything but the date till now. This depends on how my talk next week (about regular expressions) will be judged by the audience. We'll see. This talk is nonexistent, so I'll start creating some transparencies now.