Cure for headache: Release

I did to much module maintaining in the last days and so I thought to stick to the old XP rule, release often.

Somebody got to keep the PAUSE indexer busy. After having released GraphViz::ISA::Multi on tuesday (which after all is a fine module) twice cause a day of thinking about the code showed me some different algorithyms, I released both Curses::UI 0.8 and C::S::C 0.5 today. FREEDOM!! I didn't finish all the tests I planned for Curses::UI, but IMHO tests are something that grow and so I'll wait till the bugreports and test failures come in. After all it is a big step in my 2-steps-till-1.0 plan.

CPANPLUS::Shell::Curses doesn't have that many changes, it is kind of colorful now (maybe I'll release a halloween-acme version in orange) and can show readmes again which is nice. And of course, I test for pod…. Maybe I should drop the Author of modulemaker a mail to include it…

I'm still trying to find out how to release to CPAN, suggestions for a nice non TLNS are welcome.

As I mentioned in the subject, I got an awfull headache today, but I think that is in connection to me having to write Java at univeristy.

My next topic will be how to seem cleverer as you are, cause I voluntered for a talk at my local LUG and it will be about – guess what – Perl and I actually never gave a talk about a programming language, will be fun though.

Good night, release often and regularly