Testing Curses::UI 2 & MPlayer.pm

OK, had a rather short day in university and thus a rather productive day at home, geeee. The short day in university was because we got a new practicing class in which we do — Shellscripting. Will give me 2 hours of free time each week in this term 🙂

The problem with testing Curses::UI vanished after having some good idea: as I didn't want to test Curses.pm but Curses::UI I thought — tada — just replace it.

Take Curses.pm, strip out all the code you don't need, use AUTOLOAD to define everything that is actually in @EXPORT and there you go. I just had to implement five functions myself, because Curses::UI expected different behaviour (shame on me, I forgot that @_ is just a list of references to the original values) and I had a running Curses::UI without actual Curses calls. That made me happy.

Current count is about 98 tests, without doing really edge case testing or fault testing or testing complex things like the event system, but I think it is quite good. Will invest some more time and then release 0.8 (my precious).

(What I forgot in my we summary was that I spend some time on forcing MPlayer to playback the audio in the LOTR:ROTK trailer, therefore I'm a little ringish at the moment)

Did some work on CPANPLUS::Shell::Curses too, now it has colors (ugly red and green, but I like it). Is in CVS, the problem is that I had a bug in the Color support for status widgets and thus have to wait for me releasing Curses::UI 0.8 until I can release C::S::C 0.5 (I decided to go with the minor number of CPANPLUS to keep a better track of with witch version it works). And I added a test for the Pod. I think it is an easy way to get a test more 🙂 (Maybe I should start using Acme::Test)

Ehm… yes. Ah, MPlayer.pm. It's rather a quickhack than a Module, but I wanted to play webradios (Kohina) in a comfortable way (it is a Curses::UI Perl interface). I found the -slave option in MPlayer and thought it would be fun to implement the Perl Bindings, but the slave mode is (sorry) crap. Not really supported (as MPlayer is (I've never seen such an unfriendly mailinglist, they add automatically a “RTFM” message to every email)) and it does not really give featback. I don't know whether to put it on CPAN (have a look into it from my homepage and tell me). BTW I'm not sure whether to keep the name, too. Claiming a first level namespace is always…. ehm … sticky. (But it is quite idiomatic use MPlayer;). We'll see.

Take a couple of hours of sleep now and think about new creative tests. And about when to release which module where (maybe CPAN :-).

Good night