Hacking Parrot, Day 1

This was a perfect day. As usual, I wasn't doing what I should have done, but started with a regretful thought: Let's have a look into how the Parrot Disassembler works and what Parrot actually does with the nice PASM my URM compiler is writing.

It didn't work

It segfaulted directly, and I started debugging the debugger….

It wasn't that hard, cause all the trouble was only caused by some uninitialised vaiables and the according memory mess.

But the main problem is that I still can not disassemble, because at some point it still segfaults and I don't know what is happening at this point.

So maybe it's time to ask people who know what they are doing.

My other problem at the moment is that my Parrot CVS is a total mess and that checking out needs a long time with 64k because Parrot got all the ICU (Unicode) stuff in it's repository. So I can't send a patch to the list. 😦

But thank God it's friday, I'll have some drinks and maybe I'll have some good new ideas.:-)


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